Total Camp Cost is $385/girl for those wishing to raft. Camp with Kayaking is $420, for Seniors and above, only. Must be a good swimmer. Adults to meet safety ration are $240, which includes rafting only. If you wish to participate in rock climbing and the activities at Purgatory, you must purchase a full price ticket. Adults beyond those needed to meet Council's safety ratios must pay full price.

 Please check current Council recommendations for your troop level and size.


We split the payment into deposit and balance to keep this screen simple.

When we had an option to also pay the full camp fee in one basket,

most website users complained that it was too much clutter and therefore confusing.

Please bear with us as there's no one way to satisfy everyone.

If you want to pay the full camp experience in one transaction,

please add a Deposit + Balance to your cart for each attendee.